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Wonderwall wallpaper will fully meet your wishes or design requirements. Just a few strips of original wallpaper will turn your room renovation into the author's designer project in line with the most recent world trends of interior fashion.

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Why is it worth to buy Wonderwall designer wallpaper?


You can hardly find wallpaper to meet your desires perfectly by all parameters. Most likely you will have to compromise in something. We are the only ones to offer you individual approach allowing you to pick that particular wallpaper which match you perfectly.


We do not save money on quality and do not use cheap materials. Therefore our wallpaper with non-woven baking features high plasticity, exceptional strength, usability and durability.


Design of our wallpapers is created by professional designers being inspired by outstanding masterpieces of art, architecture, literature and music. Buying wallpapers from us you can be sure in getting something special.


Speaking about our products quality we also mean their safety. All panels and wallpapers are free of harmful additives, do not damage your health and meet the strict requirements and standards to such products.


You need only few minutes to buy products without leaving home or office. Our Internet store of designer wallpaper is available for you twenty-four seven. It's comfortable.


Our Internet store offers designer wallpaper of high quality at affordable price. You buy products at its actual cost. In addition, our prices are considerably lower than prices on wallpapers from Italy or England with extra charges for widely promoted brands.
Individual wallpaper size
You can order an individual wallpaper size. Please contact us!
Non-woven - "breathes", it's easy to paste and washable.
Only 22 days from the order payment to wallpaper of your

Tips from our designers


The bedroom is a resting place where nothing may disturb or annoy you. The better choice for bedroom wallpaper you make the more pleasant it will be for you to fall asleep and the more cheerful to wake up.

More and more people in decorating their bedrooms prefer to hang wallpaper on a single wall. Such solution allows you always to have what you like before your eyes on the one hand and on the other hand - it does not fuss up the space around. So every morning you will see what you like and get energy boost.

Another way is to hang a few strips behind the bed - this will allow you to create a separate zone inside your bedroom and fill it with new colours.

Don't be afraid of experiments, and again - feel free to apply to our designers for advice any time free of charge.


Wallpaper with unusual pattern creating a definite flavour and often reflecting the nature of owners - is the best choice for the living room. Before picking the designer wallpaper, think of what kind of living room exactly do you want: warm and cosy or fresh and airy? If you like "cosy" design then most likely you will be pleased with wallpaper of pastel, orange or yellow colours, but if you prefer strict and cold style, then your choice is wallpaper of blue, dark-blue and grey shades.

Remember that in our design-studio you may change the colour of any wallpaper to that one you like best free of charge.


The main things to keep in mind when picking wallpaper for the children's room are safety and high tear strength - properties being constantly checked when manufacturing Wonderwall designer wallpaper. Moreover in our Internet-store you can buy wallpaper manufactured with participation of professional psychologists and talented artists. Such wallpaper will bring joy to you children and contribute to their all-round development.


In the first place the kitchen wallpaper must be practical: resistant to mechanical damage, direct sunlight and, of course, washable - Wonderwall designer wallpaper feature all these properties. Your decision to buy wallpaper in the Wonderwall Internet-store will allow you to be satisfied with constant quality of our wallpaper for long years.


The hall is a place where utility is put on the top. Water drops from clothes and umbrellas, heavy-weight bags and large-scale things - all these carry a potential threat to you wallpaper. Therefore when choosing to buy Wonderwall designer wallpaper which are resistant to mechanical damage and moisture, you make weighed and reasonable decision.


To create interesting interior on basis of classic style it's better to add some modern design elements. As a result you will get fresh and dynamic interior. Here some tips on how to combine tradition and modernity.

Begin with neutral colour palette. Mix of vintage and modern design may sometimes seem accidental. However, well-matched and mixed design looks rich but not chaotic if applied in tandem with neutral colour palette. Neutral base serves as blank canvas to balance mix of styles not becoming overwhelming. To such effect at first choose white, grey or mysterious brown colour for walls, floors or large items of furniture.

Nothing emphasizes vintage charm like expensive decoration materials. Wonderwall designer wallpaper can be produced in various styles being fully compatible with each other.


Our advices:

— For low rooms wallpaper with large and dimensional patterns of dark shades is not recommended. The best choice in this case is light unicoloured wallpaper or such with small patterns.

— Rooms with high ceiling look bulky as they are therefore the preference should be done to wallpaper either with large pattern or horizontal stripes which visually lower the wall height.

— Spacious rooms do not like light colours. In this case the most appropriate is wallpaper of dark, deep shades or unicoloured with large patterns.

— When picking wallpaper it is necessary also to take into account the intended use of the room. So for the children's room it's relevant to combine unicoloured wallpaper with panoramic or large pattern wallpaper. For living room the combination of striped and small pattern wallpaper will be ideal.

— Premises exposure must also be taken into account: it is not recommended to paper rooms facing north with blue or grey wallpaper - cold colour as it is will get even colder in absence of proper sunlight. On the contrary the rooms facing south may and even must be decorated with wallpaper of cold shades - in hot summer such room will turn into real fresh oasis.

— It's worth to look also to colour of the furniture, accessories and floor so that not to get the "mosaic" effect.
We are ready to participate in every possible way in creation of your own unique interior by making any colours and patterns available to you. Do not be afraid of creating masterpieces, it is easy if together with Wonderwall designers!


The first step towards successful renovation is to plan a budget correctly. With respect to wallpaper the cost is directly depends on needed number of rolls. It's very easy to calculate this number!

Standard roll dimensions of Wonderwall wallpaper: 1 meter width and 3 meters height. So if your wall height does not exceed 3 meters you only need to measure wall length to estimate the needed number of rolls. In case the wall height exceeds 3 meters - contact us and we will make wallpaper specially for you to match dimensions of your room.

If you order wallpaper for the whole room, the following formula can be useful to calculate perimeter: (a+b)х2, where a and b — length of two walls.
Wonderwall wallpaper can be matched perfectly, hung easily and they look excellent. Are you interested? Isn't it a good reason to buy wallpaper?


Non-woven backed wallpaper is an excellent decorating material; owing to its thickened structure it perfectly conceals small wall defects meaning that you will not have to spend much time on treating and making wall surface perfectly even as it is needed to hang paper-backed wallpaper.
Step-by-step guide:

1. Preparing the wall surface

Start preparing with cleaning the wall surface from old wallpaper and dirt and remove defects. We recommend to remove the old paint. Or at least treat the painted surface carefully with sand paper (of medium calibre). The prepared surface must be surely treated with primer.

2. Preparing the paste

Immediately before the papering dilute the paste intended for non-woven backed wallpaper. For this purpose you will need a clean pail filled with cold water in volume specified in instruction. Then gradually pour out a thread of dry paste from the package while stirring the water constantly. The paste solution must be left for 15 minutes and then stirred again carefully. The paste is ready, you can start the work.

3. Papering

The paste is applied to the wall only with a brush or roller. It is the main difference of non-woven backed wallpapering. The wallpaper is applied dry to the wall and then smoothed with a rubber roller. Some specialists prefer to use wide brushes or special plastic putty knives instead of rollers. Any paste getting onto the front surface of the wallpaper must be removed with a wet cloth. The next strip is applied matching the patterns if any. The strips are papered end-to-end.

4. Almost ready!

The hung wallpaper is left for a day to get dry fully. The drying time depends on the wall absorption rate and the room ambient temperature. While papering and till the paste is fully dried try not to air the room as fresh air may disturb the drying process.
Please note! How to paper around sockets
Remove socket and switch covers remembering always to turn off electricity at the mains before starting any works. Hang the wallpaper and in place of socket or switch make four diagonal cuts from its centre to corners. The edges can be trimmed or folding back. Put the removed covers back in their place. Some people try to make holes in wallpaper and to paper around sockets without removing covers. But in such case the perfect accuracy can hardly be achieved.

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