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Żywica błyszcząca Metroresin

Despite the excellent properties of non-woven fabric, when using wallpaper in bathrooms or kitchens, we recommend additional protection with a double layer of Metroresin. The resin is transparent, does not change the color of the wallpaper, and can have a final matt or glossy finish. Surfaces coated with the resin get additional protection against water, high temperature, and chemicals.

For a glossy final effect, two coats of glossy resin are sufficient.



Two-component resin (liquid resin + hardener) with a glossy finish.

Two-component resin (liquid resin + hardener) with a matt finish.

Note: Use the product after mixing the components up to 60 minutes. When applying two or more layers, combine the components in stages.

It is designed to protect surfaces from water, high temperature, chemicals, and mechanical damage.  The resin coat does not change the texture or color of the coated product. It produces a uniform, transparent finish, either matt or glossy.

The output of 1 package for two layers is 5-7 m2.The lower value of the output should be assumed.

Additional informations

Installation of the wallpaper should be done by a professional who will provide a warranty for the protection of the wallpaper and/or the wall. Keep in mind that the quality of the installation is a key factor in achieving full wallpaper protection.

Before ordering the resin, we recommend consulting the installer about the number of layers needed to protect the wallpaper.