WondeRoll Sandstone art. 9099-10


per m2

WonderRoll Sandstone art no. 9099-10

Material: interlining with hard vinyl top coat


Width: 106 cm +/-2 mm

Length: 10.05 m +/-1.5%

Weight: 282 g/m

Thickness: 0.45-0.50 mm

Offset: 64 cm

Note: The wallpaper has a pattern offset of 64 cm. When installing, pay attention to correctly match the pattern on the wall.

Break the patterns with us – combine the wallpaper of your choice on the wall with a uniform color roll wallpaper. Such an arrangement solution will give your space a new and unusual design.

Currently, each product sample from the WonderWall Match collection is free. The customer pays only the cost of courier delivery. The sample size is 50×50 cm. The promotion lasts until further notice.


1 roll/10 m2
Wonderwall Match Discount 50%

For each of our designs, you can order ready-made interlining rolls from the WonderWall Match collection with the same texture on which your chosen wallpaper is printed.

We have a 50% discount for you on WondeRoll products if you decide to buy the wallpaper with the graphic and a roll from the WonderWall Match collection at the same time. The discount will already accrue automatically at the final order stage, on our website.

Paints PARA

The interesting visual effect provided by the structure of the material can be further enhanced by painting the whole thing with Para paint. Next to each of our patterns you will find recommended colors to help you choose a color.

Resin Metroresin

Using our wallpapers in a bathroom, beside wet area, and a kitchen requires additional protection. A resin coat provides protection against water, high temperature, and chemicals. As a manufacturer we do not have our own WET system. We do not recommend the installation the wallpaper in wet area like shower.


The glue is intended for all non-woven fabric wallpapers. It is environmentally friendly, odorless, and easy to prepare, and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Note the adhesive is recommended for dry areas only.